Shakthi Kumar Chit Funds (India) Pvt. Ltd., is one of the licensed Chit Fund Company in the State of Karnatka registered under the chit Funds Act 1982 Karnataka Rules, under the preview of the Reserve Bank of India & the Registrar of Companies incorporated under the Companies Act 1956.

Shakthi Kumar Chit Funds (India) Pvt.Ltd., is one of the Chit Fund company with passion and vision to be a leader in the Chit Industry. It is a well known company for its honest, ethical values and timely disbursement of the chit amount.

Shakthi Kumar Chit Funds (India) Pvt.Ltd., company working system is now completely interest and benefits adding a new technology to together with the latest software. It is improved in providing a new quality, a zeal and dedicated excellent service by the trained staff.

Shakthi Kumar Chit Funds (India) Pvt.Ltd., is a flagship company evolved the 21st century to serve the people who needs funds & wants to save. we cater to the needs of small & medium entrepreneurs & individuals for their future planning and requirement as the financial institutions may not in a position fulfill your needs due to rigid procedures.

Shakthi Kumar Chit Funds (India) Pvt.Ltd., is helping thousands of such enterprises grow into prosperity with timely financial support.


To be a leader internationally in providing financial solution for the individuals & organisations.


Our mission is to be the leading provider of superior financial solutions by earning people's trust through friendly and professional practices.


We will endeavor for total customer satisfaction in providing best in class quality service through continuous improvement with the support of dedicated team members & suppliers.